Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Research Point-Structure

There is a vast amount of anatomy drawings available on the Internet it was difficult to know where to start, so firstly I looked at probably the most famous in examining the anatomy, Leonard Di Vinchi and looked at the following notebook pages. 

Leonardo Da Vinci
Study of the shoulder 
Leonardo Da Vinci anatomy drawings
Study of arms and shoulders

I felt overwhelmed with the vast amount of information so I turned to my bookshelf.   Although the Internet is a very useful tool I do love to hold a book in my hand. The Figure Drawing Workbook and Figure Drawing and Anatomy for the Artist both by John Raynes are very useful reference books. They give examples of all aspects of figure drawing and a range of media. A better book which I own is The Complete Fundamentals of Drawing by Barrington Barber. This is a book of the basics to more detailed and useful sketching. This inspired me to draw the following of my own examples of anatomy of the human body:

Now back look for more examples of anatomical drawing.
Albrecht Dürer, Nude Woman with a Staff, 1498
Three Studies for the Christ Child
 Marchigian, 1483–1520

Vesalius's muscle man
Muscle man-front view
Andreas Vesalius (1514-64)

Muscle man, c.54.k.12, pg.197
Muscle man-back viewAndreas Vesalius (1514-64)