Sunday, 15 January 2012

A Limited Palette Study From Sketches

I used my drawing from the last exercise to develop in colour to give some depth to picture using a limited palette in pencils. The primary colours of red and blue were perfect for the stripes on the ambulance, sky and the added detail on the shop fronts and gave contrast to the neutral yellows and browns of the building. 

I took a photo to show the view I was looking at. This was very useful later to compare my drawing and and detail I could improve on. Looking at both in the comfort of my home, I could have given more time to draw the windows and brickwork in the main building to the left and the pavement to show it had been raining. I could have also drawn much deeper, richer colours to give contrast in the shadows. I changed the angle of the pavement in hope it would balance the picture which I am very pleased with. 


A Sketchbook of Townscape Drawings

I am lucky to work in a historical market town where the buildings have great arcutechture. I have never really looked in detail until now. It was challangeing drawing the buildings looking at the different building materials, the bricks which are weather worn in yellow and red and the new addition to the town finished with wooden cladding to the exterior walls. Such a peaceful place but still having people shopping and rushing around from place to place. 
I couldn't resist sketching the bank. Barclay's in Enfield Town, the first bank with an ATM machine. I draw some quick sketches of different views in close up detail in the first picture before deciding on a more detailed drawing which included the entrance to the bank with its columns and arched concrete canopy which mimics the structure over the windows to the building. I included a row of shops, the old vestry office stepped back a little from the row, the pavement in front and an ambulance parked outside in the loading bay.
To simplify the drawing I left out the details of the windows above the shops and shop signs, road markings and some iron railings in front of the vestry office. I felt they would take the eye away from the Barclay's building where I wanted to remain the main focus.